Austin Grill Give Back Fundraisers

More Ways to love Austin Grill & Your Organization

For over twenty years, Austin Grill has been committed to supporting local communities, and an Austin Grill Giveback fundraiser, in partnership with one of our four locations, is a program designed to help local organizations, such as yours raise money!

An Austin Grill Give Back Fundraiser will take place on a mutually chosen day and time with 20% of sales generated by your participants being donated back to your cause.

With the flyer we provide, your group will be able to promote your Austin Grill Gives Back Fundraiser through email, newsletters and social media.

You supporters will be asked to either present the flyer, that we can provide, or mention that they are with your organization on the night of the event.  We will then collect and tally the receipts, and your group will be sent a check within 12-14 days of your event.

The more people who attend your Austin Grill Gives Back Fundraiser, the more money is generated!!

If you are interested in hosting an Austin Grill Give Back Fundraiser event, please complete a request form and submit today!

We request that you allow at least 4 weeks prior to your potential requested dated for approval and processing.  All dates and times are subject to availability.  Offer only valid on the date, time and location agreed upon.  A flyer is required with each guest check to receive credit for the sale.  Flyers cannot be distributed on site.  Donation will not be given on sales prior to or past this time and date.  Tax and gratuity are not included.

Our priority is Austin Grill Giveback Fundraisers.  If your request is for a food donation, gift card, goodie bag giveaway or other including school discount cards, or cash sponsorships, please send request 3-5 weeks prior via mail or email.

Austin Grill Donation Request: ATTN Marketing

1741 Business Center Dr. Suite 200

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